Gabi Warby - Learning Support Officer Junior Learning Community

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Psychology.

          Integration Aide Certificate with research completed in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Intellectual disabilities.

Background:  As both a former parent and former chairperson of the Christ the King School Board, I have a deep personal and professional affiliation with the school. As a Learning Support Officer (LSO), I am fortunate to have worked in both the Catholic and Government Education sectors. This enables me to access and utilise the best learning strategies to support students with additional needs in a social and academic capacity.A child's learning begins at home, therefore listening to and valuing parents as equal partners with regard to their child's education is imperative.

Current LSO Role: To assist and support classroom teachers in implementing learning strategies in line with individual student needs, teaching requirements and curriculum standards. The ability to work collaboratively with Speech and Occupational Therapists further enhances growth and learning outcomes for our students. By understanding that we all learn in different ways, our aim to maximise social and academic learning in the classroom by using a variety of teaching and learning resources such as technology, written materials and visual prompts. The opportunity and ability to work in small group settings using resources such as Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI), a reading and comprehension program, also provides additional support to students. 

What drives me:  I am passionate about delivering high-level educational support to all students in the classroom and feel privileged to work with the dedicated team at Christ the King.  I look forward to supporting and assisting our students in their learning, as I also continue to further my own professional development.