Jenny Martinez - Learning Support Officer Junior Learning Community

Qualifications: Advanced Course for Integration - La Trobe University

Certificate IV in Disability Work

Professional Interest and Expertise: My professional interest is supporting students with additional needs to successfully    access the school curriculum and to be included in all aspects of school life. I have gained expertise and knowledge in speech    therapy and occupational therapy through working with speech therapists and occupational therapists and attending professional development sessions. I have also attended professional development about Autism and Intellectual Disability and learnt many    strategies that are useful when assisting students to confidently know and follow classroom routines. I am very interested in the   need that students have to form friendships and how I can support them to achieve this both in the classroom and the                 playground.

Recent Professional Development:

My most recent Professional Development was with the Down Syndrome Association of Victoria. It was about successful inclusion of students with Down Syndrome into mainstream schools.

Drive: We have a culture at Christ the King where staff work collaboratively to assist every student to reach their potential. I am encouraged to constantly seek and learn ways of supporting students with additional needs to facilitate the next step that facilitate their individual needs. We have an inclusive environment where parents ,staff and students work together. I believe I am driven to have the best possible relationship with the student and their family I support so that their experience at school is a positive and happy one.