Monica Pearce - Senior Learning Community

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Professional Interests and Expertise: I have worked as a Primary School teacher for 8 years. The first two years was in the state system and the last 6 years have been in the Catholic system. During this time I have been the Religious Education Leader for two years. This position allowed me to learn about effective leadership and how to facilitate planning with teachers for the teaching of Religious Education. I have taught students from Prep-Year Five in the curriculum areas of Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Digital Technologies, Inquiry and Religious Education. I am passionate about numeracy and the wellbeing of students and providing education that caters for their various abilities, needs and interests. I enjoy collaborating with and learning from my colleagues. I am very excited to be working at Christ the King as it places a strong emphasis on partnerships between students, parents and the community.

Recent Professional Development:

-      Strengthening Educational Engagement with Tom Brunzell, Geelong Grammar School

-        Exploring Multiplicative Thinking in Years 4 – 6- Werribee

-        Engaging with Scripture - Melbourne

-    The Resilience project- Hugh Van Cuylenburg, Geelong

-    GROWTH  Coaching - Growth Coaching International

-    Sensory Detective Program- Nelle Frances, Geelong

Drive: I am passionate about education and view myself as a lifelong learner. I am constantly seeking new experiences to further extend my own learning and increase my skills and knowledge. In my daily teaching and interactions I support students to view themselves as lifelong learners and to be curious about their world and how it works. I support students to develop a growth mindset in which they embrace challenges, persist and learn from the feedback provided.