Monica Rylance - Senior Learning Community

Qualifications - Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education, Graduate Diploma in Visual & Performing Arts, Masters of Education

Professional Interests and Expertise:

Hello, my name is Monica Rylance. I love working as a teacher and I have many years of experience in Catholic primary schools. I have taught from kindergarten to Year 8 in country Victoria, Melbourne, London and now at Christ the King in Newcomb. At Christ the King I have happily taught all year levels. I thoroughly enjoy working with young children to foster their love of learning, creativity, passions and to partner with families in the education of their children.

As an experienced teacher I have had many opportunities to lead school communities in a number of different areas including Religious Education, Learning and Teaching and The Arts. These experiences have allowed me to grow and develop my teaching skills. I have also had lots of other opportunities to attend professional development either in person or online. These have all been enriching experiences that have allowed me to reflect on my own teaching skills and to grow and adapt to new information in our changing world.

Drive: I am presently teaching Foundation and Year 1. I love designing and implementing learning opportunities for children and to foster their love of learning, creativity, wellbeing and curiosity. I love helping them to make connections to their world and to explore the importance of taking care of it. I have high expectations for my students and when there is need, I partner with families to help all students grow as young people and learners. It is such a privilege being a teacher and my greatest desire is to make a difference to the young people I have been entrusted with.