Rosemary Gador

Learning Support Officer Senior Learning Community

                                       Bachelor of Education, Diploma in LOTE

My professional expertise and interest have been in teaching Italian at Christ the King school over the last 26 years. I have been involved in cluster group meetings for all of my teaching years and was a LOTE leader for teachers in the Geelong zone for 5 years. This was  a wonderful way to connect with other schools and teachers of Italian, sharing and encouraging one another and maintaining current professional development. As a part time teacher over the years, I also was involved in organising community based school events at Christ the King,  including arts festivals, bush dances and Italian cultural activities. My passion for teaching Italian and sharing my personal upbringing in an Italian community, the love for the Italian language combined with my love for teaching children and hearing them acquire and speak the Italian language has motivated and inspired me over the last 26 years. Over the last 8 years I have loved preparing students for the Italian poetry competitions in the Geelong zone where students have excelled in their oral presentations and delivery of poems. The teaching of Italian has been a fulfilling life career over many years for me.

This year I have decided to take a break from my specialist  teaching role as an Italian teacher and take on an LSO position and CRT work at Christ the King School. I have felt the need to work back in the classroom with other teachers,  reconnect with the daily school curriculum and current teaching strategies used with students and especially those students with special needs. I have been enjoying working with students who have learning difficulties and special needs and looking to developing my teaching strategies and skills to help the students.