Sally Mildren

Numeracy Intervention teacher and Maths Coach

My name is Sally Mildren and I am the Numeracy Intervention teacher and Maths Coach at Christ the King.

I have a Diploma of Teaching from ACU Ballarat and a Degree in Education from Deakin University.  I have completed Professional Development in coaching and I am in my second year of a Numeracy Intervention Course through CEOM.  

I have taught every grade level in the Sandhurst, Ballarat and Melbourne dioceses. Before i came to Christ the King in 2015, I was  Numeracy leader and class teacher for many years at Nazareth School in Grovedale. As a Year 3 & 4 teacher I saw how students who were struggling with maths had some misconceptions or gaps in their learning that once identified and re-taught made a great difference to their outcomes.

The Numeracy Intervention program targets students in Years 1 to 4 who have been identified as having some gaps in their mathematical thinking and learning.  I am able to explicitly teach strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication, place value and structuring numbers. One of the best outcomes of the program is the increased confidence the students show in their classrooms both during and after the program.

In my role as Maths Coach I help teachers set goals around improving their mathematics teaching and I also contribute to  planning sessions with each team.

How often do you hear, “I don’t like maths, I’m no good at it.”  I hear it from both students and parents! My passion is to increase the confidence of teachers, parents and students around maths so that everyone will have a love of numbers and see how important maths is in our everyday life.