Sue Bradford - Support Teacher Middle Learning Community

Qualifications: Diploma of Teaching (Primary) - ACU

Bachelor of Special Education – Monash University

Professional Interest and Expertise I am passionate about differentiating the curriculum to enable each child to thrive and reach their potential. I have had vast experience in adapting and developing the curriculum so that special needs students can attend mainstream schools and achieve success. I am committed to developing strong relationships with families, having seen the wonderful results that occur when students, teachers and parents work as partners.

Recent Professional Development

·      Differentiation the Curriculum

·      Teaching ASD Students

·      Mindfulness in Education

What drives me to be the best teacher and staff member at Christ the King This is my first year teaching at Christ the King. It is the Christ the King Learning Community (Leadership Team, Staff, Students, Parents) who inspire me to be the best teacher and staff member that I can be. I am overwhelmed by the excellent work being done at Christ The King. It is a school that is making a difference in the lives of students and their families. The school provides a wonderful range of opportunities for its learning community and the high behaviour expectations of students, ensure a focussed environment in which students thrive. It is my strong desire to make an active and positive contribution to this.