Colleen Douglas - Business Manager

School Advisory Board Secretary

I have been at Christ the King for 14 years as Business Manager. My main role is to work closely with the Principal to oversee the finances of the school. This requires keeping up to date with the direct debits for school fees, paying the bills, preparing staff pays, developing and maintaining the school budget with the Principal and preparing the Annual Financial Statement for Catholic Education Melbourne and Government Authorities. I am also the Secretary of School Advisory Board which meets on a monthly basis. In my spare time I also like to help out with school community events, as this gives me the opportunity to work with staff and parents on completely different level.

Hopes and Aspirations as a School Advisory Board Member
I hope that we continue to work well as a team so that we can effectively plan for a future where students, staff and parents experience success and fulfiment.

Greatest Achievement of the School Advisory Board
The greatest achievement of the School Advisory Board has been the appointment of Mrs Jose Blackley as Principal. She has brought great energy and a professional approach to our school community.