School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board consists of representatives from each year level and members of school leadership. Current members of the School Advisory Board include:

Father Jim Clarke - Parish Priest (ex- officio)

Josephine Blackley - Principal (ex- officio)

Chris Hansen - Deputy Principal (ex- officio)

Kieran Ryan - Religious Education Leader (ex- officio)

Colleen Douglas - Finance Rep and Secretary (ex- officio)

Tiffany Vahland Prep Rep

Gabi Sablotney - Year 1 Rep and Christ the King Community Group Rep

Jane Gray - Year 2 Rep

Erica Sutherland - Year 3 Rep and Deputy Chairperson

Martine Holdsworth - Year 4 Rep

Clarissa Hyland - Year 5 Rep

Anthony Perkins - Year 6 and Chairperson

Parents representatives for each grade level are nominated by parents of the same grade level. The parent with the most nominations will be asked by the Principal to accept the nomination. If they do not accept the nomination, then the next candidate with the greatest number of nominations will be asked by the Principal to accept.

The School Advisory Board meets at least six times a year and act as an advisory forum on matters pertaining to the life of the school. It is expected that school board members promote the Catholic Ethos of the school and support the development and promotion of school community.

The Parish Parish Priest, with the support of the Principal undertakes the governance of the school and reserves his authority in matters relating to:
  • Catholicity of the school
  • Diocesan regulations
  • Employment of staff
  • Formation and dissolution of the board
  • Appointment of Board members and office bearers
  • Appointment and dismissal of the Principal
  • School Finances
Within the provisions of Canon Law, the School Advisory Board is responsible to the Parish Priest, which in turn is subject to the vigilance of the Arch Bishop of Melbourne.

The School Advisory Board has no responsibility for the internal management and administration of the school, which is the responsibility of the Principal.