Trini Langmaid - Learning Support Officer Senior Learning Community

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts

From an early age I was inspired, through my early experiences with learning, to pursue a life long study of the mind and how we learn - specifically why some people find it easy to comprehend and retain knowledge while others struggle with even the seemingly most basic of learning tasks.

After completing a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Education at Deakin University I spent many years working with different learning styles and approaches across Australia and New Zealand. This included such experiences as working with the renowned Geelong speech pathologist Dr Alan Howarth and working in schools practicing the Montessori teaching approach.

I currently work in the senior Learning Community at CTK, which I enjoy immensely.  In the position of LSO, I am able to support many of the students whilst also being able to support the enthusiastic and professional teaching staff.  I have had the pleasure of working in each section of the school community and have learned so much from each year that I have been here.

My experiences have taught me that children’s learning capabilities and processes are just as unique and varied as they are, no matter whether they are struggling or excelling in their learning.  So I endeavour to offer a unique perspective to understanding students personal learning challenges and strive to continue to learn as much as I can from the teachers and students around me.

I am very passionate about working with children who experience difficulty in learning. My focus is with reading difficulties in particular but I also work with children who have trouble learning in any area. I love the challenge of discovering the particular approach that allows a student to connect with new knowledge or attain an understanding that has previously been difficult.

I believe there is always a way!