Student Leadership

The Student Leadership Team has a strong focus on teamwork, supporting students and improving the wellbeing of the school community. Our goal is to support students to have a good time at school and give them an outlet to share their worries and problems with their peers.

Student Leaders drive their own actions and work with staff to provide new opportunities and activities throughout the school. Within the team, there are four areas of responsibility; 

School Leaders - responsible for student wellbeing

Social Justice Leaders - responsible for organising social justice events and raising awareness about helping others

House Leaders - responsible for bringing the community together and organising house events

Performing Arts Leaders - responsible for activities involving drama, dance, music and assisting with managing the school production

Ongoing projects that the Students Leaders have initiated at Christ the King include;
  • Lunchtime activities - leaders run structured activities to support students to play and socialise in a positive manner
  • Sport Shed Borrowing - leaders lend out sports equipment to encourage active play, responsibility and give more options for what to play at lunchtimes
  • Colours Days - leaders organise activities for house groups to come together and play, compete and work together
  • Pinchapoo - a social justice project where Christ the King collects toiletry items for those in need. Leaders promote this project, count and bag items and award house points based on contribution.
  • Online Surveys - leaders have created surveys to collect data and respond to student feedback about their wellbeing, school life and their performance as leaders

Student Leaders also assist with a range of day to day responsibilities and school events such as fundraising, our ‘Day in Viqueque’ and sharing information during line up.

At Christ the King, our Student Leadership Team works together to help make our school the best it can be.