Gifted and Talented Program

Curriculum differentiation occurs from Foundation through to Year 6. Students work within their zone of proximal development. In some cases, students can be working well in advance of the expected standard for their age. Problem-based learning and an Inquiry approach ensure that gifted students are working on challenging and complex problems catered to their needs. In addition to this, Christ the King offers an extension program, covering a diverse range of learning areas. The opportunities provided to extend and challenge our students include:

- Melbourne Writers Festival

- Newton Enrichment Challenge (Mathematics Extension Program)

- Cre8te the Future (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Design or “STEAMD” focus)

- Tournament of Minds (Creative and Critical Thinking)

- Debating

- Write For Fun (Writing Competition)

- The Geelong College Challenge (Multi-disciplinary, including Technology, Maths, Art, Sport, Design)

- Social Justice Conference

- Halogen Leadership Conference

- University of New South Wales Competition (English & Maths)

- Italian Poetry Competition

- Chess Tournament