Ciao!  Buongiorno! Come stai?  Benvenuti!

Learning a language is a way of enriching students’ communicative, intercultural, linguistic and intellectual development and the opportunity to gain important cognitive skills.

At Christ the King school students in grades 3-6 engage in Italian classes for one hour each week and sessions are prepared on the guidelines provided  by the Victorian Curriculum on Languages.

The programme has a strong emphasis on two major strands which are communicating and  understanding. Skills in listening , speaking reading and writing are incorporated within these strands.

In communicating students use the language to interpret, create and exchange meaning. In understanding students analyse the language and culture to gain an understanding and use this as a resource to interpret and gain meaning from the language.

In Italian classes students learn songs which help them remember key words and phrases. They create and do many interactive role plays and partner and group activities and language games and develop their social interactions. There is a lot of emphasis in class on using oral language to communicate and to also follow class procedure and follow directions. Short stories and poems, simple paragraphs and texts are read and practiced to translate and inform each other.

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In understanding the students analyse and understand the language and culture. Students discover that there are very similar words both used in both English and Italian. Students participate in cooking sessions, gelati days, poetry learning, view bilingual performances, participate in competitions and seek an understanding of the cultural similarities and differences in both the Italian and Australian cultures.

Most of all Italian  aims to be an enjoyable, positive and successful experience that builds students’ self esteem, self-expression and a sense of achievement by extending students’ understanding of themselves their own identity and connectedness to others.