About Our School


Christ the King School is situated in the Parish of St Mary of the Angels, Geelong, and serves as a primary school catering to students from Preparatory to Year 6. It is one of the four parish schools in the area. The school’s enrollment zone encompasses Newcomb, Geelong East, St Albans Park, Whittington, Moolap, and Leopold. The cost of attending the school is budget-friendly and takes into consideration the diverse socio-economic background of the community it serves.

With a student body of approximately 235, Christ the King maintains a close-knit and intimate educational environment. The school’s smaller size reflects in its class sizes, averaging about 21 students per class. The linguistic composition is predominantly English, as the majority of students come from English-speaking households (approximately 8% of the students use a language other than English at home). The student population is divided into four distinct learning communities: Preparatory Learning Community, Junior Learning Community (Years 1 and 2), Middle Learning Community (Years 3 and 4), and Senior Learning Community (Years 5 and 6).


Established in 1965, Christ the King Catholic Primary School, located in Newcomb, had its foundations laid by Father Richard Rafter (dec) as the inaugural Parish Priest, and Mrs Pam Lazaro as the founding Principal. In its initial phase, the school consisted of two classrooms, a chapel, and staff amenities. The year 1968 saw an expansion with the addition of three more classrooms, an office, and a canteen. Responding to the growing demand, two additional classrooms were required later that same year.

The year 2001 marked another chapter in Christ the King’s development. A new administrative building, featuring a staff room, a teachers’ preparation area, and storage spaces, was constructed, enhancing the school’s infrastructure. Over the years, Christ the King Primary School Newcomb evolved into a modern educational institution that could effectively cater to contemporary curricular requirements for students. The campus now encompasses two open-plan learning environments and a dedicated block for students in grades P/1/2, ensuring a tailored learning experience for every student.

Participating in the Federal Government’s Building Education Revolution (BER) initiative, the school witnessed the construction of a modern multipurpose hall. Additionally, a portion of the existing church hall was transformed into a soundproof music room. Beyond the classrooms, the expansive grounds house a well-equipped playground and a spacious oval, providing ample opportunities for students to engage in physical activities.