School Fees

Christ the King Primary School, Newcomb charges a global fee per family of $1200 per year. In addition to the global family fee there is a compulsory technology levy of $80 per student, a curriculum levy (including booklist) of $200 per student, an excursion levy of $60 and a swimming levy of $50 per student.

If your child is in grade 5/6 a camp levy is also added. The camp levy will vary from year to year, depending the nature and location of the camp. The cost of the various levies are added to the total fee amount.

To assist families in budgeting for prompt and regular payment of school fees, Direct Debit is the payment method for all families. However, families wanting and able to make a one off payment at the beginning of the year can do so by the end of February each year. This is the only payment that can be made at the Office as the rest of the fee payments will be paid by Direct Debit.

Families experiencing difficulties paying fees should make an appointment to meet with the Principal, Josephine Blackley, to discuss alternative arrangements. A concessional fee is available to families who meet system requirements. Please read our Concessional Fee Policy.