St. Mary of the Angels Parish, Geelong has four Primary Schools – Christ the King, Newcomb, St. Mary’s, Geelong, St. Robert’s, Newtown and St. Margaret’s, East Geelong.

In all of our schools, we have seen major improvements in terms of buildings and facilities. These are indeed necessary and most welcome. But our schools are much more than buildings. They are a community of people, young and “not-so-young”, a community which has been formed for one major purpose – to offer the students a treasure which will equip them effectively for the challenges of life.

Our students live in a world that is quite different from the world of their grandparents, or even from that of their parents. These days, we are forever mindful of the need for security in all aspects of our lives. We have entertainment – for better and for worse – at our fingertips all day, every day. We live in a secular society where God, church, faith and Jesus have little if any relevance for many.

However, Christ the King School and the other primary schools in our parish exist for just one reason – to equip the students with a knowledge and love of Jesus Christ so that they can carry that knowledge and love into both the most uplifting and the most challenging elements of their lives.

If we can give them that, then we give them a treasure for life. The cooperation of family, school and parish is essential so that each child can receive the full benefit of what the school provides as its contribution to that treasure.