Child Safety

Child Safety – it’s everyone’s responsibility!

Ministerial Order 1359

In response to Ministerial Order 1359 Christ The King has developed a Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy and this policy addresses the 11 standards for Child Safety.

Catholic schools have a moral, legal and mission-driven responsibility to create nurturing school environments where children and young people are respected, their voices are heard and they are safe and feel safe (CECV Commitment Statement to Child Safety).

The following principles underpin our commitment to child safety at Christ the King School.

  • All students deserve, as a fundamental right, safety and protection from all forms of abuse and neglect.
  • Our school works in partnership with families and the community to ensure that they are engaged in decision-making processes, particularly those that have an impact on child safety and protection.
  • All students have the right to a thorough and developmental curriculum that addresses all aspects of personal safety, in partnership with their parents/guardians/caregivers.
  • All adults in our school, including teaching and non-teaching staff, clergy, volunteers, and contractors, have a responsibility to care for children and young people, to positively promote their wellbeing and to protect them from any kind of harm or abuse.
  • The policies, guidelines and codes of conduct for the care, wellbeing and protection of students are based on honest, respectful and trusting relationships between adults and children and young people.
  • Policies and practices demonstrate compliance with legislative requirements and cooperation with the Church, governments, the police and human services agencies.
  • All persons involved in situations where harm is suspected or disclosed must be treated with sensitivity, dignity and respect.
  • All members of the school community (including students and their families) are kept informed of child safety and wellbeing matters (where appropriate) and are involved in promoting child safety and wellbeing.
  • Staff, clergy, volunteers, contractors, parents and students should feel free to raise concerns about child safety, knowing these will be taken seriously by school leadership.
  • Appropriate confidentiality will be maintained, with information being provided to those who have a right or a need to be informed, either legally (including under legislated information sharing schemes being Child Information Sharing Scheme (CISS) or Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS) or pastorally.
  • Appropriate confidentiality will be maintained, with information being provided to those who have a right or a need to be informed, either legally or pastorally.
Code of Conduct – Parents, Staff, Volunteers and Contractors

ALL STAFF, including volunteers and contractors are required to sign a Child Safe Code of Conduct. This document outlines the acceptable and unacceptable behaviours for everyone who interacts with students. Persons who fail to adhere to the code of conduct will not be permitted engage directly within the school community and may have reports made depending on the severity of their behaviour.

Mandatory Reporting

It is critical to be able to recognise the physical and/or behavioural signs of child abuse. In many circumstances, they may be the only indication that a child is subject to abuse.

Parents are not mandatory reporters but can make a report to authorities if they form a reasonable belief (another person would come to the same conclusion with the same information).

We recognise that making a report may feel too overwhelming, so parents can submit a notification online directly to the school by clicking on the following link:
How to Respond to and Report Suspected Child Abuse and/or Concerns for a Child’s Wellbeing and the school will follow up these concerns confidently and promptly.