Families from all cultures are welcome at Christ the King Catholic Primary School. Whilst our school is predominantly Catholic, we are open and accepting of all faiths and religions. We believe that our Catholic faith can be enriched when we open ourselves to the stories of others. We aim to be an educational community where learning, culture and faith find a meeting place.

Regardless of religious background, we believe our role is to shape the heart and minds of the young people in our care, and in doing so, reinforce their responsibility as Australian Citizens: to show care and compassion for others, do their best, give everyone a fair go, be honest and trustworthy, show respect, responsibility, resilience, understanding, tolerance and be inclusive of others. Above all, stand up for the rights of others and appreciate the freedom and opportunities that they have. Every Monday we join as a school community to sing the National Anthem Advance Australia Fair

Education is fundamental to success in life. At Christ the King, we believe that all children can learn and are entitled to learn what is set out in the curriculum. We recognise that students learn at different rates and in different ways and therefore curriculum is differentiated and learning is personalised. As an outward facing school, we believe that learning is richer and more meaningful when the learning is connected to both local and global communities.