Sacramental Program

At Christ the King the students are given the opportunity to celebrate three sacraments. The sacraments are times when we become especially close with God.


The sacrament of Penance (which used to be called Confession) is a beautiful sacrament where each of is able to mend any damage which may have occurred in our relationship with God. The children are taught that we are in union with a God who will forgive us no matter what, all we need to do is to ask for that forgiveness. The children are also taught about the importance of give and receiving forgiveness with other people.

Holy Communion

The Eucharist is the highpoint of our Faith where we are able to participate in the mass fully. We remember the last supper and the words Jesus spoke to his friends during mass and receive the risen living Christ in the form of bread.


Confirmation is the third sacrament of initiation where each child make the conscious decision to become a full and active member of the Church. The promises which were made for them at baptism will be renewed by themselves. At this time they may also choose a Confirmation (saints) name.

Before each child experiences these moments, they are taught about each sacrament through Religious Education lessons.