School Features and Facilities

Christ the King is set on a very large allotment of 2 hectares, with classrooms being housed across two main buildings.

Prep Learning Community

Towards the close of 2021, the school achieved a significant milestone by finalizing the construction of the Prep Learning Centre. This newly completed facility encompasses two modern classrooms, a versatile hub, restroom facilities, and a kitchen area. Notably, the Prep Learning Centre is seamlessly integrated with the existing Junior Learning Centre, marking the culmination of the comprehensive School Master Plan. This overarching plan encompassed the revitalisation and expansion of all school buildings in recent times.

Junior Learning Community

The Junior Learning Centre, initially established in 2012 under the auspices of the Building Education Revolution, consists of four well-appointed classrooms surrounding a flexible hub at its heart. An additional round of enhancements took place in 2021, aligning with the larger Prep Learning Centre project.

Middle & Senior Learning Communities

The central building of the school hosts the Middle and Senior Learning Communities, catering to students in Years 3 to 6. In 2018, a substantial investment of $1.86 million facilitated the renovation of these learning areas. The revamped building now encompasses not only traditional classrooms but also breakout areas, meticulously designed to foster a conducive learning environment for students in these grade levels. A noteworthy addition is the inclusion of a Project Based Learning space, strategically positioned to bolster STEM Education. Both the Senior and Middle learning communities benefit from the presence of dedicated libraries tailored to their respective year levels. These specialised libraries provide valuable resources and support for the academic journeys of students in these age groups.

Staff Planning Room

The school recognises the significance of fostering a collaborative atmosphere among its staff. To facilitate this, a designated learning space has been allocated for the faculty. This environment is thoughtfully designed to encourage continuous dialogue and strategic planning, all aimed at meeting the diverse needs of the student body.