Christ the King school accepts enrolments from pupils residing within the district of Geelong and particularly those from St Mary’s Parish. Children are welcome from all races, cultures and abilities (physical, emotional and intellectual). We will strive to work with every child’s parent and to provide all children in the school with the best possible education for each individual child.

Enrolment is coordinated between the other parish schools that reside within the Parish of St Mary of the Angels.

The official enrolment period is usually the first four weeks of term 2.

Depending on vacancies enrolments may also be considered at other times of the year.

Priority of access to Christ the King Catholic Primary School will be considered in the following order:

1. Student with a brother or sister who is presently at school at Christ the King.

2. Student who is a baptised Catholic belonging to the Parish Community.

3. Student who is a baptised Catholic from outside the Parish Community.

4. Student who is a Christian resident in the Parish

5. Student who is non-Catholic

All families are required to attend an interview with the principal and/or Deputy Principal as part of the enrolment process.

As part of the enrolment process prep students and their parents are required to undertake three Orientation sessions in term four. The orientation sessions are designed to give both the child and parent an opportunity to learn more about Christ the King School community.

Children who come into the school in Years 1 – 6 will also be offered the opportunity to spend a day at school in their new classroom before they begin at the school. This will give them the chance to meet new friends experience the daily life of the school and thus make their first day a welcoming one.

If interested in enrolling your child at Christ the King, please contact the Office staff on 52481093 to collect an Enrolment package.