Learning and Teaching

An Inquiry approach to learning underpins all of our curriculum areas. Encouraging students to become curious learners not only increases student engagement, but enables student voice and choice. Building Knowledge, Investigating and Personalisation allow for the perfect combination of explicit teaching, self-directed learning and making connections to the real-world.

Christ the King aspires to develop a culture of excellence within our school. Teachers follow the Victorian Curriculum to ensure that learning outcomes for all students are achieved. A regular cycle of pre- and post-testing allows teachers to differentiate the curriculum and target content to the student’s point of need. Timely reporting of student progress occurs many times throughout the semester.

Student Assessment Portfolios include:

    • an outline of the assessment task

    • curriculum expectation over a learning continuum

    • personalised teacher comments

    • insightful student reflections on their learning

    • work samples related to the task

    • parent comments

Another main area of focus in the school is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Design (STEAMD). The integration of these crucial 21st century skills into the curriculum will create our critical and creative thinkers of the future.