Colleen Douglas - Business Manager

Qualifications - 30 years as an Accountant Assistant at Patrick Rowan and Associates

Professional Interests and Expertise:

I have been at Christ the King for 14 years as Business Manager. My main role is to work closely with the Principal to oversee the finances of the school. This requires keeping up to date with the direct debits for school fees, paying the bills, preparing staff pays, developing and maintaining the school budget with the Principal and preparing the Annual Financial Statement for Catholic Education Melbourne and Government Authorities. I am also the Secretary of School Advisory Board which meets on a monthly basis. In my spare time I also like to help out with school community events, as this gives me the opportunity to work with staff and parents on completely different level.

Recent Professional Development:

ICON TRAINING - In term 3 2017 I completed 20 days training for our new administration program called ICON - Integrated Catholic Online Network. This training was with 2 other St Mary's Parish schools and 5 schools from the Werribee Parish. We have implemented part of this administration program to date, however there will be further ongoing training, programming and development. I am looking forward to implementing the Community Portal part of ICON, which will give parents greater access their own information and that of their children.

Drive: My drive is to see Christ the King and the students succeed through all that we do to support them. I enjoy helping at the community events and seeing the benefits from fundraising and how this money is used to support to students and teachers. These funds have such a great impact on the facilities and the children and teachers benefit greatly from these resources.