Kieran Whelan - Physical Education Teacher

Professional Interest and expertise: I am currently in my ninth year as a teacher at Christ The King Primary School, the seventh school I have taught in. I love that no two days are ever the same in any school and that learning can and does spring from a diverse variety of sources. I love challenging children asking how do you know that , why do you think that is so? I am particularly interested in understanding the mathematical thinking behind what goes on in our world.

I also love challenging myself hence the reason I have gone on to complete a Graduate diploma in Computer Education an area of learning that has been a lifelong interest of mine and the reason I chose to use computer technology for this presentation.

I have taken the time to successfully pursue my own study of our Catholic Faith and completed a Master’s Degree of Education with an R.E. specialisation which has assisted me when preparing the children at Christ The King to receive their sacraments. I am the inter school sport coordinator which is also another part of life that I am very passionate about

Recent PD. My most recent Professional Development has been in the area of computer coding. I was fortunate enough to attend the 2018 Melbourne Grand Prix’s Education Forum where teachers showcased the latest trends in computer education and how they apply to our world starting from an idea leading to a design testing, modifications and an end product. I shared this information with the children in the Senior Learning Community and together we constructed a virtual race car which we then ‘raced’ around the Grand Prix circuit.

I have also taken the time to recently receive targeted professional development in preparation for the implementation on our school’s Family Centred Classroom Practice.

What drives you to be the teacher or staff member at Christ The King Primary School I want the children in my class to be excited about coming to school, engaged purposefully in their learning and aware of their potential. I have a passion Maths and the way ‘things’ work – this is part of my very curious nature. I want children to come to Christ The King excited about the day, knowing that they are going to learn new concepts and how they apply to their world.