Mandy Miller - Foundation Learning Community

Qualifications - Bachelor of Education

Professional Interests and Expertise

Digital Technologies Coach: I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with the dedicated staff at Christ the King to implement a range of digital technologies strategies into classroom practice.  My aim as a digital technologies coach is to ensure that our students have the opportunity to acquire the skills they will need in order to achieve success in our ever changing digital world.  

Member of Christ the King STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Team: I have learnt so much over the past two years about STEM education and the wonder, amazement and authentic learning that I see taking place amongst our students constantly motivates me to continue to learn more about implementing STEM into the classroom.  The STEM projects my students have undertaken have helped them to improve their ability to work in a team with others, be persistent, resilient and creative in the way they solve problems.

Recent Professional Development

Teach, Tech, Play- Digital Technology and STEM learning

Raise Your Child in a Digital World (Dr Kristy Goodwin) - Cybersafety

Designing Dynamic Inquiries (Deb Vietri)

WeSTEM Cluster Partnership Geelong

Peer Coaching (Growth Coaching International)

Western Region Digital Technologies Cluster Meetings

Emotional Intelligence (Kaye Blackburne)

Google for Education Summit

Drive: Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a teacher.  I could not imagine doing anything else and I feel lucky to work in a job that I love so much and feel so passionate about.  I strive to provide opportunities for my students that will assist them to become lifelong learners who can communicate effectively, work well with others and be persistent and resilient even when things don’t go to plan.  When I see students experience success in their learning and see them taking responsibility for their own learning I feel immensely proud.