School Features and Facilities

 Christ the King school is set on a very large allotment with classrooms being housed in two main buildings.The Junior Learning Centre (Foundation - 2) was constructed as part of the Building Education Revolution and is made up four learning spaces with an additional open plan learning space between the four classrooms. The senior and middle learning community (years 3-6) learning spaces are housed in the main building and have been modified to enable a more contemporary and flexible style of learning to take place. Specialist learning spaces include fully equipped Visual Arts room, Science room, Library, Italian room, Music room and Home Economics room. The School Hall, built as part of the Building Education Revolution, is a hub for many community events, including assemblies, school and parish masses, parent meetings, incursions, learning expos, dance classes and Perceptual Motor Program classes for the Junior students. There are extensive play spaces available for both active and passive play, which includes a full size oval to accommodate football, soccer, cricket and general play. There is also a large adventure playground with modern equipment covered by a large shade cloth. A basketball/netball/volleyball/ downball courts provides hard surfaces for students to play team games. Situated outside the Junior Learning Centre is a sand for the Junior students and small playground area. Future Development of Facilities In 2015, a 10 year Master Plan was developed, which will see significant changes to the existing classrooms in the main building and the external play spaces. Stage 1 of the Master Plan will begin in 2017. This stage of Master Plan will involve 1.5 M refurbishment of the main plan building, which will involve a major refurbishment of existing classrooms to allow for more flexible learning environments, supporting the efforts teachers are already undertaking to provide a contemporary and personalised approach to learning for students. Stage 2A of the Master Plan will also begin in 2017. This stage of the Master Plan will involve a $500K upgrade of the school frontage. The upgrade will involve the installation of a new car-park, a new front fence along Wilsons Rd, new signage on street front, new walkways for pedestrians and general landscaping of the grounds