School Features and Facilities

Christ the King school is set on a very large allotment with classrooms being housed in two main buildings.

The Junior Learning Centre (Foundation - 2) was constructed as part of the Building Education Revolution and is made up four classrooms with an additional open plan learning space between the four classrooms. The Junior students have access to their own specialised library within the open learning space.

In 2021, a new Prep Learning Centre will be built, featuring two new Prep classrooms and a flexible learning hub adjoining the current Junior Learning Centre.

The Senior and Middle learning community (years 3-6) learning spaces are housed in the main building and have undergone an 1.86 Million dollar refurbishment in 2018. This newly refurbished building includes classrooms and breakout spaces for years 3-6 students, as well as a Project Based Learning space to support STEM Education. Both Senior and Middle learning communities have access to a specialised library for the respective year levels. There is also a dedicated learning space for staff; an environment conducive to ongoing dialogue and planning to meet the needs of all students.

Other Specialist learning spaces include fully equipped Visual Arts room and Science room. The Multi Purpose Hall is used to support our Music and Performing Arts Program.

Senior Learning Community Learning Space

Senior Learning Community Library & Breakout Space

Project Based Learning Space

Staff Learning Space