School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council consists of parents representatives, members of school leadership and the Parish Priest. The School Advisory Council meets at least six times a year and act as an advisory forum on matters pertaining to the life of the school. It is expected that school board members promote the Catholic Ethos of the school and support the development and promotion of school community.

Click on the links for each Board Rep to find out more about their personal and professional background, as well as what motivates them to be a member of the School Advisory Council.

Chris Hansen

Deputy Principal

Religious Education

Louise Johnston

Deputy Principal

Learning Teaching Diversity

Jose Blackley


Father Jim Clarke

Parish Priest

Colleen Douglas

Business Manager

Chris Wolfe


Parish Rep

Tiffany Vahland

Deputy Chairperson

Parent Rep

Kelly Toyne

Parent Rep

Jodie Skinner

Parent Rep

Jane Gray

Parent Rep

Josie Mineo

Parent Rep

The following are some ways the School Advisory Council supports the school and the principal:

• Articulating and enacting the school’s vision and mission

• Promoting the school’s Catholic ethos and culture

• Promoting faith formation and development

• Implementing school policies as required

• Giving advice to the principal on issues such as enrolments, school improvement plans and enrolment trends

• Engaging in discussion with the principal about the annual school budget and other financial matters

• Giving advice to the principal about the school Master Plan

• Capital resource planning and maintenance support to the principal